No capability is more critical to business success than the effectiveness of its leaders, but i4cp research has shown leadership development has remained as one of the least effective issues for years.

The Executive Leadership Development Exchange, a peer-driven working group, focuses on how global high-performance organizations identify the leadership competencies required to ensure organizational agility and develop effective leaders accordingly. Explore these issues with peers and key thought leaders to apply those strategies in your organization. Benefits »

Current projects and priorities

The group is currently focusing on conducting research, developing tools and discussing via multi-day forums and virtual working sessions best and next practices related to:

  • Integration of the business strategy
    • Determine how to rapidly integrate a change in corporate strategy into talent and leadership processes, practices and programs and utilize those changes to monitor the affect of the new strategy
  • Type of talent/culture
    • Create global leaders who can be transferable across the organization
    • Determine the competencies that have the greatest impact on business results
    • Determine the best way to integrate desired cultural change with how leaders will need to behave differently, and the most effective learning mechanisms to facilitate and support that change
  • Sponsorship
    • Show value and impact to senior leaders
    • Determine the best ways to gain sponsorship from leaders
  • Systems and processes
    • Identify and develop high-potentials in the organization
    • Create common global processes, practices and programs across a decentralized organization
  • Development
    • Sustain behavioral change after completing a leadership program
    • Understand the latest innovations in executive and leadership development
    • Accelerate the learning process for leaders
    • Determine how to continue learning outside the traditional methods at all levels
    • Develop talent when organizations are flatter and more matrixed
    • Train more broadly in the organization to include individual contributors that will promote self-leadership and is cost effective
    • Determine the best development activities that will have impact.
  • Measurement and tracking
    • Determine best way to use measures without over-complicating the learning process.


Focused strategy. Faster implementation. Greater impact.

Join the Executive Leadership Development Exchange to learn how emerging innovative techniques such as gamification, scenario modeling, social media and dynamic-integrated collaborative tools are changing the way leaders are learning and sustaining effectiveness in today's complex and rapidly changing environment.

The group is a collaborative, solutions-focused and individually tailored way to:

  • Collaborate with peers in an exclusive, limited-capacity group
    To achieve the highest level of customization and interaction, the Exchange is limited to a small number of participating companies.

  • Work with cutting-edge experts
    In addition to peer collaboration, hear from a variety of thought leaders in a combination of virtual and in-person sessions.

  • Receive industry-tested tools and templates
    Share and build tools and applications that create leadership development processes to drive high performance in your organization.

  • Get the proprietary research you need
    Drive i4cp’s latest research to identify how high-performance organizations develop their executives - and be the first to see the results.

  • Learn at two multi-day forums
    Attend vendor-free forums to meet with peers facing the same challenges and share ideas and tested practices and strategies to develop better solutions.

  • Map out your firm's leadership development strategy
    Through ongoing dialogue and learning, develop practical and cost-effective strategies for developing engaged leaders in your organization.


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Vendors and consultants are not permitted to participate.