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i4cp produces over 10,000 pages of research a year, and is constantly releasing new reports and findings. Most of these findings are only available to corporate members, or through one of our partnerships with such organizations as HRPS, CEO or ASTD. View a full list of research available.


The Critical Human Capital Issues of 2014

Prime areas of focus that can, if addressed well, result in the greatest boost to organizational performance.

The People-Profit Chain™

A model for increasing organizational performance by up to 3x.

The Age of Big Data: A Progress Report for Organizations and HR

Get a free, abridged copy of this research report, which looks at how HR will play a large role in creating and shaping the new analytical workforce

Next Practices for Global-Minded Organizations

Get a free, abridged copy of this report, based on one of the most comprehensive annual studies of global leadership development programs in the world.

How High-Performance Organizations Accelerate Executive Leadership Development

Top practices that correlate with market performance.

The Critical Human Capital Issues of 2013

The most critical issues facing organizations this year.

Pay for Performance: Recognition and Reward White Paper

An insightful excerpt from our Tying Pay to Performance report.

Leadership through Innovation White Paper

An excerpt from our Building a Culture of Innovation report.

The Five Domains of High-Performance

Findings from the 2011 i4cp/Human Resource Executive study.

12 Diversity Practices of High-Performance Organizations

The executive summary to this popular report.

Nine Keys to Performance Management

Discover the nine keys to effective performance management.

The Five Best Practices for Developing Succession Candidates

Best practices for managing succession.

Company Brochure

Learn more about i4cp and why we examine the next practices of high-performance organizations.
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