The Five Domains of High-Performance Organizations™

The high-performance organization

High-performance organizations consistently outperform competitors and realize bottom-line impact from their human capital functions. Through our research, which compares organizations based on revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction, i4cp has identified five interrelated human capital areas - domains - in which high-performance organizations excel:

1. Strategy
Human capital must be aligned to the business strategy.

2. Leadership
Leaders must communicate expectations and develop and promote the right people.

3. Talent
HR strategy must be developed around the business model.

4. Culture
The values and beliefs at all levels and in all departments must be aligned.

5. Market
Every employee should know how his or her job impacts business results.

How to become a high-performing organization

i4cp's analysts reverse-engineer successful practices by going beyond the numbers and identifying tactics for implementation and execution. For example, we've found that high-performance organizations use customer data more strategically to identify critical job positions, design unique pay-for-performance strategies for their top performers, focus on quality talent management metrics and foster transparent cultures which emphasize innovation.

While we promote the best practices of these companies, our dedication to uncovering the next practices of high-performance organizations is one of the reasons i4cp is the fastest-growing and largest network of its kind. Whether your organization's efforts are centered on strategy, leadership, talent, culture or market, i4cp provides guidance, practical examples and a targeted peer network to support your end goals.

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