ASTD Research Reports

Research reports conducted by i4cp on behalf of ASTD

The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) serves as the research arm for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), conducting global studies and providing analysis on a variety of subjects. Below are ASTD reports conducted by i4cp.

The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations
The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations report explores the business case for supporting and using social media technologies from a learner's point of view. This exclusive perspective provides business leaders with insight for a new strategic priority: to leverage the power of social media tools in order to maximize learning and increase the performance of the entire workforce. While most organizations have yet to fully embrace the use of social media in the workplace, there is a strong belief among the professionals surveyed that adoption of social media technologies will continue to grow in the coming years. Hence, it is critical for business leaders to prepare for the fundamental shift in habits and expectations that the surging Millennial generation will bring to the workplace- computers and collaborative technologies are an extension of who they are. This report includes valuable results and recommendations to help executives make strategic decisions that can positively affect organizational goals and growth.
Improving Succession Plans: Harnessing the Power of Learning and Development
The Improving Succession Plans: Harnessing the Power of Learning and Development study explores the business case for succession planning and breaks down how companies are executing it, from who is involved and who ought to be involved to how organizations decide on candidates to fill the succession pipeline. Having the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions is paramount to sustaining an organization's growth and success, especially in a down economy. However, despite the powerful relationship between succession planning and business success, most companies admit their succession planning efforts have significant room for improvement. Organizations continue to explore ways to achieve greater effectiveness in their succession planning process. The analysis of this research leads to recommendations on the creation of metrics, candidate selection, and key practices to cope with barriers. Therefore, this report is a powerful tool for business leaders and learning executives who are planning to implement meaningful change within their organizations.
Transforming Learning: Web 2.0 Technologies
Most organizations use Web 2.0 technologies in an effort to improve knowledge sharing, foster learning within organizations, and provide more informal learning opportunities. Yet along with the learning opportunities come risks such as the danger of leaks in confidential information. This research report endeavors to shed light on the emerging era of corporate learning in which Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking, Web services, and blogs are being adopted and integrated into the learning function.
Sales training report
An organization's sales force drives the bottom line-and effective sales training is the bedrock of a successful sales program. The ASTD/Intrepid/i4cp State of Sales Training Study explores how today's organizations are approaching sales training and sheds light on opportunities that organizations are missing to optimize those approaches or consider new ones. The data included in the report provides new insight into the current-and future-state of sales training globally. Based on a survey of more than 500 experts, the ASTD/Intrepid/i4cp study will equip you with the statistics to inform important sales training decisions, provide you with a background on the current sales training environment, and give you policy recommendations that can get you started on the road to success now.
Talent management report
Talent management has become a top priority for most organizations, but it is also an area where there is typically room for improvement. In today's volatile business market, effectively managing human capital can play a crucial role in business success. The ASTD Talent Management Practices and Opportunities Study discovered how talent management is currently being used by a diverse range of organizations. The report also discerns the best practices of an effective talent management program and describes some of the opportunities for organizations to enhance their talent management capabilities.
Informal learning report
By its very nature, informal learning is difficult to comprehend in detail and equally hard to manage. However, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand and leverage informal learning, according to this new study commissioned by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). If organizations can harness the potential of informal learning, it can become an unusually powerful and cost-effective performance tool in coming years. The purpose of this study is to help today's learning professionals gain insights into how informal learning works and how to improve its effectiveness. The study breaks the findings into six main categories that best explain how and why to harness the potentially untapped power of informal learning.
Learning's Role in Globally Dispersed Workforces
No longer the "wave of the future," globalization is now an established process that will only become more prevalent over time. Any organization planning to expand into global markets can expect to face numerous challenges. This ASTD research study identifies the many ways that learning professionals can ease the transition to globalization by involving the learning function early in the process. Use this research data to determine what your organization can do to ease the global transition.
Employee engagement report
Employee engagement is one of the most important corporate issues today, given its impact on both individual and corporate productivity and performance. This ASTD Research study investigates how organizations are addressing employee engagement and identifies those strategies and organizational factors most responsible for influencing employees to become more engaged. Particular emphasis was given to how learning can influence engagement. Use this research data to determine what you can do to boost employee engagement in your organization. This study was sponsored by Dale Carnegie Training.