Employee Surveys & Organizational Assessments

Employee Surveys

i4cp's research provides insight into the people practices that make high-performance organizations unique. Our exclusive, vendor-free network—in which peers collaborate to drive strategic research and share tools and insights—gives your organization a practical view of how human capital practices drive high-performance.

Working in partnership with our member network, comprised of hundreds of leading global corporations, i4cp provides employee surveys, organizational assessments and benchmarking surveys that help your organization achieve superior performance in two ways by:

  1. Benchmarking to gain understanding of your current people practices against those of high-performing organizations.
  2. Identifying and prioritizing improvement needs, measuring progress, and taking action to improve organizational effectiveness.

Learn more about i4cp surveys and assessments:

The People Profit Chain™ Assessment

The first step in leveraging talent to drive market performance, this organizational assessment determines how well your organization is performing via 25 key performance indicators most correlated with market performance.

Discovery™: Organization Effectiveness Surveys

Discovery™ surveys capture and analyze input from your employees to identify organizational issues, suggest ways to improve operations and offer feedback on a wide variety of business concerns.

Spotlight™: Pulse Surveys

Spotlight™ surveys provide your organization with a flexible and proactive tool that focus the spotlight on a specific area of employee perceptions that can have an impact on the business.