Complimentary access to i4cp for CEO Sponsors

The Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) have formed a strategic partnership that teams CEO Sponsors with the largest workforce productivity research staff in the country, giving CEO Sponsors an array of tools to address today's - and tomorrow's - human capital issues.

CEO Sponsors now have complimentary access to i4cp's HCM Base domain. More information can be found in the questions and answers below:

I am a CEO Sponsor - how do I access my i4cp member benefits?

If you have been a CEO Sponsor prior to October 1, 2008 you have been automatically enrolled.  Proceed to the login page, use your business email associated with CEO and enter the password provided to you via email. If you have forgotten your password or never received it, you may click here to have it sent to you.

If your personal email address (such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or others) is currently associated with your CEO Sponsor account, you will be prompted to provide a new email address with a corporate domain for your username. If you do not have a corporate domain that you can use, please contact us for assistance.

Who is i4cp?

The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) is the world's largest private network of corporations focused on improving workforce productivity.  We connect corporate executives and human resource professionals from many of the world's top companies in an exclusive network that allows members to interact with industry experts as well as peers in other organizations.  Prior to 2007 i4cp existed as the Human Resource Institute (HRI) for forty years.  

i4cp has the largest workforce productivity research staff in the country. Members utilize thousands of pages of workforce productivity research on how to attract, develop and retain key assets: their employees. In addition to i4cp's own research, i4cp produces research for leading associations such as the American Management Association (AMA) and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

i4cp's roots lie in a forty-plus-year history as the Human Resource Institute (HRI) - the first research group focused on strategic HR issues. HRI was founded at the University of Michigan under the direction of Rensis Likert, founder of the Institute for Social Research, George Odiorne, known for popularizing management by objectives and William Pyle, one of the early experts in human capital metrics.

Learn more about i4cp.

Why is CEO partnering with i4cp?

i4cp's research, analysis and trend coverage provide CEO Sponsors complimentary content and services to help them improve workforce productivity.  i4cp's five domains of human capital content complement CEO's mission to provide the general business community with cutting-edge research that influences business management practice and also makes important contributions to academic research and theory.

Additionally, i4cp and CEO are working on a joint research project revolving around organizational knowledge retention. Dr. John Boudreau is serving as an expert advisor on this initiative to help understand the pivot points for optimal business alignment. The combined research will help organizations understand leading knowledge retention practices, the correlation between knowledge retention and performance and how to determine the optimum portfolio of knowledge retention activities based on business strategy.

Who benefits from this partnership?

CEO's partnership with i4cp extends to all CEO Sponsors. 

What are the benefits of my CEO sponsorship to i4cp?

All CEO Sponsors receive access to research studies, highlight reports, continuously updated InfoBanks and Playbooks on actionable strategies across i4cp's HCM Base Domain and its eight subcategories, known as Knowledge Centers. Other benefits include:

  • Bi-weekly TrendWatcher and Community Update newsletters to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. 
  • Participation in surveys, including weekly Pulse Surveys (participants receive the results once compiled).
  • CEO's corporate practitioners may also make connections and communicate with i4cp's members.

Why are there distinctions between corporate practitioners and vendor/consultants?

i4cp membership is typically limited to corporate members.  i4cp members are accustomed to a vendor- and consultant-free environment where they can interact with peers without concern of solicitation or vendor involvement in i4cp content. 

As such, all CEO Sponsors receive the full content in the HCM Base Domain.  Additionally, CEO corporate practitioners and i4cp members may interact with each other in online Q&A forums.  CEO consultants and vendors may view online conversations, but won't be able to interact with i4cp members to maintain i4cp's member commitment.

Additionally, please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding membership.

What if I'm already a member of i4cp?

CEO Sponsors who are already members of i4cp will receive any additional CEO benefits, including access to i4cp's HCM Base Domain, if their company does not already have access. If your company is an i4cp member and you do not currently have access to the i4cp website, your account manager can provide registration information.

What if I change my membership status with CEO, or am new to CEO?

Membership status is reviewed on a monthly basis.  New CEO Sponsors will be enrolled with i4cp partner benefits by the first of the month following their enrollment to CEO and will be notified with a welcome registration email.  Sponsors who leave CEO and Sponsors who change their status (practitioner, consultant/vendor) will also have the corresponding i4cp membership change made by the first day of the following month. .

If you would like access to i4cp and currently do not have it, please contact us.

What if I want to access other material on the i4cp site?

CEO Sponsors receive access to the HCM Base Domain and its eight Knowledge Centers.  i4cp has five full domains (with over 40 associated Knowledge Centers) covering Strategy, Leadership, Talent, Culture and Marketing.  If you are interested in accessing this additional content, please contact i4cp directly.