Talent - Integrated Talent Management
Talent management effectiveness is key to high performance.

Despite its high-priority status on the agendas of organizational leaders, talent management remains an elusive concept, at least when it comes to perception and consensus on a definition. Is it the sum of its components - recruitment, development, succession planning, performance management and the like - or is it something more? i4cp's research demonstrates that the majority of high-performing organizations use talent management to help them identify, develop and leverage the core talent that is critical to the current and future performance of their companies. It's also clear that mastering talent management helps companies differentiate themselves and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

It's also an area where there's still much room for improvement. According to one i4cp study, while only about one in five organizations report that they manage talent effectively - to a high or very high degree - the ones that do consistently outperform their competitors. i4cp works with organizations to enable high performance through integrated talent management:

  • Engagement

    Explores the levels of employee engagement worldwide, the factors that motivate workers, and the strategies organizations use to assess and improve engagement.

  • Learning and Development

    Examines training and development trends - including how and on whom training dollars are being spent - and reviews best practices in learning.

  • Performance Management

    Explores organizational systems that are focused on evaluating and maximizing individual performance and looks at the most effective collection of practices.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Investigates recruiting trends, the factors that influence those trends, and the methods organizations use to find, attract and select talent.

  • Talent Management

    Describes the field of talent management, which allows organizations to identify, attract and develop the talent they need to meet their strategic goals.

  • Total Rewards
    Organizations that effectively engage and reward employees drive  greater productivity, innovation, and retention, reinforce employer branding,  and achieve better overall performance.

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