Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning Exchange

Workforce planning is an important component in business strategy design and execution, but few companies excel at it.

According to i4cp research, the vast majority of companies indicate a lack of effectiveness in this increasingly critical capability. However, high-performance organizations are up to 5x more effective at workforce planning.

Workforce planning effectiveness In this research-driven working group, learn how high-performance organizations far outdistance others in workforce planning effectiveness, and collaborate with peers to develop and share tools and practices that will aid in building your organization’s workforce planning capability. Benefits »

Current projects and priorities

The group is dedicated to developing practical frameworks, tools and applications that drive value in workforce planning, using the Five D model:

  • Drivers
    How to identify the business drivers that establish a foundation for adding value to the workforce planning process and end users.
  • Data
    How to build and validate data systems that add value to the business, including uses of Big Data, workforce analytics tools and applications, TCOW and other financial applications.
  • Dialogue How to create sponsorship among line managers and senior executives, including the use of powerful questions, use of data and storytelling and other communication tools.
  • Decisions How to use financial data and other decision tools to drive returns on talent investment planning.
  • Discipline How to create measurement and accountability systems to ensure execution.

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