Listen. Learn. Act.

The employee experience is more important than ever.

Listening to the real issues that your employees experience is more important today than ever before. Often, leaders don't have the right tools to listen--let alone act or respond to issues or opportunities--in order to optimize the employee experience for maximum productivity.

Rapport is a SaaS-enabled people connection system that enables you to listen to the real issues in your organization, communicated in your employees' own words rather than predefined responses, and engage with your teams through meaningful and transparent conversations. Rapport helps you learn by instantly analyzing the data from that dialogue, and ultimately act to align and transform your organization’s talent strategy to the overall strategy, driving success throughout the organization.


Create more effective employee experiences through multiple, flexible, and continuous-listening channels:

  • Free-form comments and observations
  • Regularly scheduled pulse surveys
  • Deeper analysis of previous engagement surveys
  • Popular employee social sites
Rapport Listening


Instantaneously analyze your employees' own words via a revolutionary and culturally relevant system:

  • Accurate and dynamic natural language processing (NLP) delivers real-time insights
  • Comprehensive dashboard reports automatically categorize and analyze employee sentiment
  • Robust analytics drive deeper and more actionable insights in minimal time
Rapport Machine Learning


Take action on insights to impact company success:

  • Benchmarking vs. data from thousands of high-performance organizations
  • Customized analytical reports to further enhance dashboard results
  • Subject matter experts in human capital and advanced analytics to support and enable transformation across the organization
Rapport Act

Unique ways companies use Rapport

Start seeing the benefits of Rapport without sending a single survey--or even moving from your existing provider.

Take an outside-in view.

Quickly see how your employer brand is perceived by conducting an analysis of employee comments on popular social sites.


Apply AI to existing survey comments

Unleash Rapport's AI engine on narrative responses from legacy engagement surveys to effectively analyze employee sentiment.


Measure workplace inclusion

Use i4cp's inclusive values index to gauge how employees feel about the inclusiveness of the workplace.


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