Interactive Data
Identify gaps and benchmark against high-performance companies.

Getting the precise information companies need to make actionable human capital decisions is now a whole lot easier with i4cp's innovative Interactive Data™ functionality. Unlike many other research providers, i4cp allows members to drill into the details that matter most to them, offering further insights customized to an organization's needs.

The strength of this research tool comes from its ability to quickly and easily reveal gaps among industry sectors, management levels and high- and low-performing organizations, allowing companies to benchmark against similar organizations to see where they're succeeding and, more importantly, where they're not. Over 96% of members who've used Interactive Data say it's a valuable tool to better analyze and understand specific human capital challenges.

Customize i4cp research in real-time

With Interactive Data, members can:

  • Compare their organization against high-performing organizations to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Benchmark against other companies in their industry or of a similar size
  • View the differences in survey responses between respondents, such as CEOs and managers

See Interactive Data in action

Use the checkboxes on the right to filter the data. More filters are available to i4cp members.

For more findings from this study, download our free Pay-For-Performance Interactive Data sample. Interactive Data requires Tableau Reader 6.0 (free).

Interactive Data is an easy-to-use and valuable way for both casual and advanced users to customize i4cp research to their individual needs. Contact us today to get started or to request findings from a specific study.