Understand your culture through the voice of your employees.

89% of companies reported that they use employee engagement surveys as a mechanism to measure and monitor their cultures. But our research shows that there’s no statistical relationship between this and a firm’s ability to achieve a healthy culture.

Businesses move fast. Rapid data is needed.

Using internal employee comments from existing engagement surveys, exit interviews, and pulse surveys, Culture Renovation® CultureView can provide organizations with a more comprehensive read on what their corporate culture is really like today, and show areas for improvement. Specifically, it:

  • Identifies cultural strengths and pressing challenges
  • Demonstrates how topics are trending over time
  • Pinpoints what is working well and poorly in different functions, regions, and teams
  • Identifies microcultures within your organization
Employee listening data for culture

An accurate, comprehensive, and authentic voice of the employee

Using internal employee data, from existing engagement surveys, exit interviews, or pulse surveys, Culture Renovation® CultureView helps organizations answer:
  • What is our culture like, and do we live up to our values? 
  • Where in our organization are issues most salient?
  • How is our culture changing over time?
  • Are there red flags we should be aware of, like low integrity?
  • What are the most powerful drivers of disengagement and attrition?
  • How can culture be improved in general? Agility? Diversity & inclusion?