Build an employer brand that wins in the talent marketplace.

65% of organizations anticipate moderate-to-severe talent loss in the year ahead. Do you know how much of your talent is at risk? Or how your employer brand compares to competitors?

By applying proprietary AI technology, Culture Renovation® BrandView provides meaningful, actionable insights related to an organization’s employer brand using externally available employee comments. You will gain a deep understanding of your employees’ perceptions, priorities for improvement, and the competitive advantages (or disadvantages) of your employer brand.

Within weeks and no additional data collection or data sharing required, you can:

  • Identify your strengths
  • See how you compare to peers and aspirational cultures
  • Pinpoint the highest-impact ways to improve
  • See how your culture is changing over time
  • Understand why employees are leaving
  • Identify drivers of specific values
  • Check for signs of toxicity
  • See the big picture


How BrandView brings your Culture and Employer Brand to Life

High performance organizations leverage data to make bets on talent.

Culture Renovation® BrandView uses data from leading employer review platforms to help organizations answer:
  • What are cultural strengths and challenges relative to competitors?
  • How do jobseekers view our organization?
  • Where are the most critical areas of talent risk?
  • Does our organization live up to our cultural values?
  • How can we build a winning employer brand?
  • What cultures are a good target for recruiting?

How Culture Renovation® BrandView works.


Culture Consultation

BrandView engagements are fully tailored to your needs. After first scheduling a conversation to understand your objectives and strategic context, our team takes it from there.


Data Analysis

There is no transfer or collection of data needed. We'll analyze preexisitng information using an AI engine built to understand employee sentiment. This'll take just a couple weeks.


Tailored Report

You'll receive a detailed, fully tailored report with actionable recommendations for a path forward.


Insights Meeting

We'll walk through the findings with you and your leadership team to better understand the data and outline next steps to begin (or continue) your culture renovation.