Gain deep insight into how job seekers (and your employees) view your organization.

65% of organizations anticipate moderate-to-severe talent loss in the year ahead. Do you know how much of your talent is at risk? Or how your employer brand compares to competitors?

Using proprietary AI-driven technology, developed at MIT, Culture Renovation® BrandView enables you to benchmark your culture versus key competitors and start building an employer brand that wins in the talent marketplace.

Nine Company Cultural Values

High performance organizations leverage data to make bets on talent.

Culture Renovation® BrandView uses data from leading employer review platforms to help organizations answer:
  • What are cultural strengths and challenges relative to competitors?
  • How do jobseekers view our organization?
  • Where are the most critical areas of talent risk?
  • Does our organization live up to our cultural values?
  • How can we build a winning employer brand?
  • What cultures are a good target for recruiting?