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From Now to Next: Performance Insights from i4cp and Thought Leaders

Since its debut in mid-2014, From Now to Next, i4cp's executive thinksheet series, has proven an effective and engaging primer on the latest topics in human capital management. Designed to be a quick-read resource for busy organizational leaders, each issue in the monthly series is anchored by a short interview with a thought leader.

Respected experts from a wide range of human capital specialties offer their insights on the current state of topics, zeroing in on the most critical need-to-know elements and those most likely to be overlooked. In addition, each thought leader offers his or her brief vision of the topic's future state, providing fodder for consideration in strategic planning and business goal-setting initiatives.

The library of From Now to Next issues includes these featured experts and topics:

Thought leader insights combined with i4cp research

From Now to Next also aims to provide business leaders with informative takeaways from the latest i4cp research into the practices that distinguish high-performance organizations. These next practices reflect the differentiating actions that help propel companies to sustained market-topping positions. They offer From Now to Next readers concrete insights applicable to performance-improvement efforts in their own organizations.

A couple of examples from a recent issue illustrate next practices in customer focus:

  • Move beyond customer satisfaction--strive for and measure customer advocacy.
    Eight of 10 organizations worldwide recognize satisfaction as the go-to measure of customer orientation. High-performance organizations (HPOs) monitor customer engagement, too. But the real differentiator? HPOs make customer referrals--a direct reflection of advocacy--their gold-standard measure, tracking the metric at a rate 2.5x that of lower-performers.
  • Apply the power of social and mobile technologies to connect with customers.
    Even among high-performance organizations constructive use of social media to drive hands-on customer collaboration is not widespread. Still, HPOs are 2x more likely to leverage the ubiquity of mobile devices to survey their customers, a practice strongly correlated to both market performance and customer-focus effectiveness. HPOs also act on confirmed performance relationships by using mobile technologies to invite post-survey customer collaboration--at a rate fully 7x that of lower-performing firms.

From Now to Next delivers the latest information on topics that profoundly affect organizational performance. Catch up on past issues today!

Carol Morrison
Carol Morrison is a Senior Research Analyst and Associate Editor with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), specializing in workforce well-being research.