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The "Amazingly Simple, But Rarely Practiced" Secret to Outstanding Customer Focus

"The most effective way to ensure success in customer focus is amazingly simple, but rarely practiced," says Bill Price, author and founder of Driva Solutions, in his interview featured in the latest issue of From Now to Next, i4cp's monthly thinksheet series designed to be a fast read for busy executives, presenting the perspectives of thought leaders on urgent human capital topics.

Price, who will present at the i4cp 2015 Conference, is also known for his tenure as's first vice president of global customer service.

So what is the "amazingly simple, but rarely practiced" approach Price describes? Download the free From Now to Next thinksheet for more detail.

Along with Price's thinking on customer focus, From Now to Next includes a handful of actionable strategies that i4cp research has identified as next practices that distinguish high-performance organizations--those that consistently lead their competitors over time in revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Read how your organization might leverage these and other next practices of high-performance companies, and learn more about Bill Price's insights into building world-class success with customers now and in the future:

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Carol Morrison
Carol Morrison is a Senior Research Analyst and Associate Editor with the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), specializing in workforce well-being research.