About Joseph Santana

Kevin Oakes

Chair, Chief Diversity Officer

As the Chair of i4cp's Chief Diversity Officer Board, I facilitate in-depth discussions with a prestigious team of national and global Chief Diversity Officers from companies whose collective revenue totals over $290 billion U.S. Together, we steer cutting-edge research into existing best practices, leveraging results to build better, competitive practices that impact organizational performance.

I love this work because what lights my personal fire in life is helping executives like these CDOs through what the author Joseph Campbell would call their hero's journey. I do this by leveraging my over 30 years of very broad and successful executive experience to teach, coach, challenge, question and encourage individuals and groups towards high goals. Here are just a few examples that illustrate the practical experience, along with passion, I bring to this work:

  • Led a highly profitable, 300-employee outsourcing and consulting business for Siemens where I increased revenues in my first year by 17%
  • Led a 5,000-employee organization's national training and organizational development team that increased the just-in-time development of leaders, while increasing bench diversity and deliberately lowering cost of OD by 25%
  • Was Siemens' first diversity officer where I applied my cumulative business experience as architect of the company's highly successful 65,000-employee USA diversity and inclusion practice. This business impact focused practice was a key component in positioning the company to expand its public sector market to over one billion US dollars
  • In addition to my work with i4cp's Chief Diversity Officer Board and as CEO of my strategic management company, I also continue to facilitate the dynamic discussions of other senior business executives as the chair of peer-advisory groups. These groups specifically focus on broadening participants' critical thinking, externalizing their assumptions, and connecting with other influential and inspiring top business leaders from their surrounding community on their own hero's journey.

I'm always looking for dynamic, dedicated professionals who are interested in joining i4cp's Chief Diversity Officer Board. To explore if there is an opportunity for mutual benefit through Board membership, please contact me.