Agile collaboration—let alone an agile culture—has never been more important, and for many, more elusive. The Connected Commons community will convene at the organization that has the set the pace record for all the rest… Amazon.

At the 9th i4cp Connected Commons Summit: Culture Agility and Beyond, you'll connect with people leaders in HR, talent, learning, and analytics and hear from experts, thought leaders, researchers, executives, authors, splashy up-and-comers, and quiet changemakers who’ll share their bleeding-edge work in leveraging social capital and people networks to build thriving organizational communities and cultures.

Join us on this epic learning journey to learn from the pitfalls and wins of your peers and experts alike, participate in human-centered design workshops tackling the greatest gaps in HR, and discover the next practices in organizational networks.

The Connected Commons Summit will feature a mix of multi-disciplinary presentations, community panels, and imaginative networking opportunities, including:

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