A conversation with Kent Barnett about the work he has been doing with the Talent Development Optimization Council. The group includes some current i4cp members, some past CLTO Board companies, the ROI Institute, and i4cp, among others. It has been working together for almost one year to establish the best ways to address things like:


  *   Building business cases for strategic learning programs using a Cost Benefit Financial Model

  *   Measuring micro-learning and performance support

  *   Implement a comprehensive continuous improvement learning measurement model to optimize impact



They will be publishing their work in March. They’ve developed

• A three-dimensional model on all the ways Learning can add value to the business.

• A common way to keep score of impact across all organizations, programs and modalities.

• A process map that includes the 19 measures and levers Learning can manage or influence to optimize impact.

• Guiding Principles for Continuous Improvement.

• Guiding Principles for Linking Learning’s Value to the Business.

• A Cost Benefit Financial Model that Finance Departments can use to help analyze optimal use of resources and modalities.


I think the work of the Council is something that the CLTO Board should get a look at, and I would normally try to schedule a special web session so you could hear about it from Kent. But there’s a special circumstance involved - Kent Barnett leads a company called Performitiv which is developing software that will support the approach developed by the Council. Kevin Oakes sits on the board of Performitiv. Kent has made it clear that he’ll talk to us about the work of the Council.  No sales pitch for Performitiv. Even so, Kevin would never want anyone on the CLTO Board to get a wrong idea about why we’re hearing from Kent.




John W Coné

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