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Leveraging Data Analytics to Support Performance Management

In this meeting, members of our People Analytics Board were able to join us and share some of the best practices they are utilizing in their respective organizations to more closely align people data and how they manage performance.

We appreciated the energetic contributions and dialogue during the session and hope you were able to take away some useful and practical nuggets to use in your organization.

Highlights included:

  1. Emily Hutton from The World Bank on Frequent Feedback
    • Data and Insight: There is a correlation between strong, frequent feedback from managers and other performance measures.
    • Outcome: Instead of a one-time performance review conversation, the organization created a new approach to have more frequent development conversations.
  2. Erin Gerbec from Cardinal Health on Equitable Performance Rating
    • Data and Insight: Data from quarterly performance conversations were analyzed to ensure equitable ratings.
    • Outcome: Insights were shared with other parts of the organization to inform support development initiatives for managers.
  3. Willis Jensen from W. L. Gore & Associates on Development Conversations
    • Data and Insight: Ongoing analyses measure performance through network perspectives and the impact on those around the associate being assessed.
    • Outcome: This informs development conversations that focus on aligning business objectives with each associate’s skills and passions.
  4. Scott Nemeth from Anthem, Inc. on Leadership Development
    • Data and Insight: Ongoing data is gathered around the impacts leaders have on their teams including the amount of recognition received and given, engagement scores, and how many individuals have development goals.
    • Outcome: This informs metrics for performance evaluations and fuels leader development opportunities.

As a reminder, our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 3rd from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. EST where we will be partnering with leaders from our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Exchange. We will hear from leaders from various organizations who will share their insights into how organizations can apply a DE&I lens to:

  • Ensure employees are treated fairly when it comes to the evaluation of their performance 
  • Track performance management outcomes, such as promotions 
  • Identify high-potential individuals for accelerated development programs

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