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Leading into the Future of Work - Leadership Development Exchange

In this i4cp Leadership Development Exchange meeting, we found that most members are thinking about the future of work most of the time. So which trends will affect our business in the imminent future and how can we prepare our leaders to be successful?

Top 4 Things We Explored.

Top trends affecting our businesses. By far, the top 2 trends most members are dealing with include:

  • A global recession.
  • An increased need for cybersecurity.

Other trends include an increased focus on environmental sustainability and new cross-continent alliance for trade, tech development, etc.

Changes to how our business operates. The 3 changes we see that have and/or will impact our business the most include:

  • Hybrid and virtual work.
  • Labor and skills deficits.
  • Increased focus on intangible assets (like culture).

Automation of jobs was less important to us for the time being.

Competencies our leaders need. The 14 Leadership Behaviors Essential for the Future have had an increase on importance the past 2 years, will likely remain essential for the years to come.

  • Most critical leadership competency = Understanding.
    • This includes behaviors like practicing active listening and maintain positive relationship under difficult circumstances.
  • Very critical leadership competency (but less so than the others) = Demonstrating a digital mindset.

Examples of how to support our leaders. Several members shared how they have been or plan to help their leaders develop these essential behaviors. Check out a previous example shared by i4cp member Zillow: How Zillow Evolved Its Leadership Development for Hyper Growth. This case study represents one of the submissions for i4cp's 2021 Next Practice Awards.

How has your organization innovated in the last year? Submit your Next Practice Award by December 23rd.  

The Leadership Development Exchange, a peer-driven working group, focuses on how global high-performance organizations identify the leadership competencies required to ensure organizational agility and develop effective leaders accordingly. Explore these issues with peers and key thought leaders to apply those strategies in your organization.

This meeting is exclusively for members of the Leadership Development Exchange. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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