Effective leadership requires agility, innovation and communication.

Agile leadership is not just desired, it's required.

In the modern business environment, those who are able to thrive among chaos while helping others to prosper as well will be your future leaders, suggests a major study by i4cp. Leadership competencies of the next 10 years clearly revolve around fast changing environments and uncertainty. Leadership agility, flexibility, innovation, communication and change management were the top five competencies identified as requirements for future leaders by i4cp survey respondents.

i4cp enables high performance by helping member organizations achieve effective leadership through these Leadership Knowledge Centers:

  • Change Management

    Examines the accelerating pace of change, the initiatives companies use to proactively manage change and the effectiveness of those strategies.

  • Coaching

    Provides examples of coaching and mentoring practices, their growing prevalence in the workplace and their connection to strategic business goals.

  • Communications

    Addresses the changing nature of internal communication, the effectiveness of company communication efforts, and ways in which leadership can influence the communication culture.

  • Leadership Development

    Presents an in-depth look at the profile of a successful leader, the challenges leaders face, the various styles they use and strategies for developing leadership skills.

  • Succession Planning

    Explores the trend toward more systematic approaches to succession planning, which increasingly is linked to executive development and the overall business strategy.

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