Corporate Culture Strategies
Build a high-performance corporate culture.

In a very real sense, the corporation is its culture.

The culture, or corporate personality, includes everything that makes up the corporation and gives it its unique identity, distinguishing it from other businesses even if they create the same, or similar, products. In short, the culture can be defined as "the way we do things around here." According to i4cp's research, being seen as a "good place to work" is one of the biggest differentiators between high- and low-performance organizations. Having a culture where employees are innovative, aware of external factors and ready to take on new challenges is crucial. This insight isn't new, but actually getting there is another story.

For over 40 years, i4cp has been working with organizations to enable high performance by identifying strategies and practices that result in a positive, impactful culture, which in turn leads to real business results. High-performance organizations tend to have a culture where:

  • Employees are loyal to the company and more involved on a personal level.
  • Cohesiveness, loyalty and readiness to change are fostered, and employees are treated well.
  • Employees have the freedom to use their judgment and discretion to change processes or procedures to improve business outcomes.
  • Ethics are promoted and valued.

Through a combination of peer networking, research, tools and technology, i4cp provides actionable value in the following Culture Knowledge Centers:

  • Corporate Culture

    Examines the cultural and managerial issues involved in creating an innovative, productive workplace.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Explores how to develop and manage a diverse talent pool and use it to maximize business results.

  • Generational Workforce

    Sketches out the characteristics of the four generations present in the workplace and offers strategies for coordinating and maximizing their productivity.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Follows merger and acquisition activity worldwide and examines the challenges involved in achieving M&A success.

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