Strategy - Aligning the Workforce

Strategy - Aligning the Workforce

Strategy. Vision. Execution. Alignment. These are serious business terms, with each representing complex challenges to conquer. What is striking, however, is how often these hard issues are linked to successful companies. Based on i4cp's decades of research, high-performance organizations establish clear strategic visions, align their workforce to that vision and execute accordingly. It sounds simple, but most companies struggle with mastering this formula.

Strategy sessions are a mainstay of boardrooms, and it's no wonder. Nearly half (48%) of more than 1,500 executives surveyed by i4cp said they were executing two or three strategies simultaneously, while almost one-third (32%) had four to seven strategies and 9% had eight or more.

Strategic cohesiveness is essential to ensuring that workforces are aligned and that plans are executed in a focused manor to achieve a common goal. High performing companies understand this. Most importantly, they have leaders, managers and employees who behave in a manner that is consistent with the strategic plan and the company's philosophy.

Despite the inherent bottom-line value of having employees aligned towards achieving strategic goals and executives "walking the talk," many companies don't achieve this. That's where i4cp can help. We enable high performance by helping companies identify the practices and strategies that make a positive impact on the organization and deliver business results.

We provide firms with a combination of peer networking, research, tools and technology in the following Strategy Knowledge Centers:

  • Corporate Restructuring
    Looks at the organizational changes that companies undertake, including downsizing, outsourcing and strategic alliances.
  • Knowledge Management
    Looks at the global spread and application of knowledge management practices, including knowledge transfer, with a focus on both next practices.
  • Offshoring
    Examines the practice of outsourcing work from one country to another and its impact on labor forces, businesses and the global economy.
  • Productivity
    Analyzes productivity and performance in the global workplace and explores methods of increasing productivity while keeping workers engaged.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
    Explores best practices on how to hone capabilities to be well positioned to capture the competitive advantage that only a high-performance workforce can deliver.
  • Strategy Execution and Alignment
    Explores the challenges of executing corporate strategies and of aligning people, processes and performance to achieve organizational goals.
  • Workforce Technology
    Examines trends in workforce technology and describes how organizations use technology to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their human capital.

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