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Employee Engagement Exchange

High-performance organizations are 5x more likely to measure employee engagement against revenue growth, according to i4cp research.

Employee engagement in high-performance organizations is about aligning culture, strategy and performance, and re-thinking the ways in which they connect. A critical element of this alignment is a culture that makes engagement the responsibility of frontline managers and top leadership.

The Employee Engagement Exchange is a research-driven working group that focuses on developing ways to achieve improved engagement in your organization and learning how to measure the impact of engagement on your business. Benefits »

Current projects and priorities

The group is currently focusing on conducting research, developing tools and discussing via multi-day forums and virtual working sessions best and next practices related to:

  • Engagement ownership
    How to best shift and enhance ownership and accountability of engagement from HR to operating leaders.
  • Linkage to business KPIs
    How to develop linkage of engagement survey results to business-specific performance indicators and/or other metrics.
  • Engagement and talent management
    How to help leaders understand and communicate findings by linking engagement to other talent management processes.
  • Communication
    How to help individual leaders communicate with their teams regarding survey results in ways that build interest, commitment and enthusiasm.
  • After achieving engagement
    Next steps that follow achieving high levels of engagement throughout the organization.

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Vendors and consultants are not permitted to participate.