i4cp research has found that high-performance organizations have up to 6x faster revenue growth than other companies; we focus on the people practices that drives this market performance--through a combination of peer collaboration, human capital research, industry-tested tools and data services.



Join this vendor-free network of organizations to gain access to peers at other companies, research into high-performance organizations, industry-tested tools and data.
HR Working Groups

Working Groups

Participate in i4cp's ongoing working groups, which offer a cost-effective way to develop, implement and sustain talent solutions to achieve your organization's objectives.
The People-Profit Chain Assessment

The People-Profit Chain™ Assessment

The first step in leveraging talent to drive market performance, this assessment determines how well your organization is performing via 25 key performance indicators most correlated with market performance.
Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

i4cp Employee Surveys help your organization achieve superior performance by benchmarking against high-performance organizations and identifying and prioritizing needs.