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Establish a strategic company culture

A company is a living system with its own core values; organizational culture includes everything that makes up that company and gives it a unique identity, even if it creates similar products and services as the competition. Ultimately, it's the expression of organizational culture that can determine the success or failure of a corporation. But creating--or changing--a corporate culture to ensure success can be difficult.

Shaping organizational culture

Establishing and modifying company culture on a strategic level can be challenging, but not impossible. With the proper form of leadership and the realization that engaged employees lead to positive change, building a high-performance company culture is a winning solution.

i4cp provides members with the tools they need to identify best and next practices to successfully lead strategic shifts in corporate culture, including: a team of workforce experts, analysts, and researchers; unbiased vendor- and consultant-free research; and insight into practices at other, similar organizations.

Corporate culture research, reports, and peer connections

i4cp members utilize the Corporate Culture Knowledge Center to keep a pulse on strategic culture trends and developments, with access to:

  • Corporate culture reports and primary research survey findings
  • Corporate culture Playbooks and executive summaries
  • Topical PowerPoint® graphics
  • Organizational culture research articles
  • A comprehensive database of third-party research
  • Online and offline Q&A with peers at other member companies

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